[3/8/14 12:15:34 PM] gtd4s810: Boom

[3/8/14 12:15:37 PM] Chris Magnusson: hello

[3/8/14 12:15:40 PM] gtd4s810: TJÄNA

[3/8/14 12:15:49 PM] gtd4s810: hit me

[3/8/14 12:15:56 PM] Chris Magnusson: hah

[3/8/14 12:16:34 PM] Chris Magnusson: okay, so i thought we could talk a little about "role-play" of sorts in the art context

[3/8/14 12:16:48 PM] gtd4s810: OK

[3/8/14 12:18:48 PM] Chris Magnusson: i know of your work (obviously) and i find it really interesting. as far as i understand you are wrapping up your latest work "salong flyttkartong". could you just shortly sum up the project?

[3/8/14 12:20:52 PM] gtd4s810: I often describe my art pratice as a perfomative research. Longer perfomance often up to two years, where i "lose" myself into new identies.

[3/8/14 12:24:29 PM] gtd4s810: So Salong Flyttkartong is a home tattooer mobile studio. It started after my Master From Mejan and I decided that I could have my first hobby, as a tattooer.

[3/8/14 12:26:31 PM] gtd4s810: But of course after a while, acutlly when im standing infront of a plastic surgery Dr V in his office on Manhattan and I ask him to draw up the lines on the chest, he need to have as "guide Lines" during breast enlargment. Then I understood that i was in the middle of a new "perfomance" and the tattoo machine had become my tool

[3/8/14 12:27:47 PM] gtd4s810: The spirit of Salong Flyttkartong developed long before that meeting, over a year before ( Dr V meeting was jan, 2013)

[3/8/14 12:28:12 PM] gtd4s810: me hanging out with grafitti guys in sthlm,

[3/8/14 12:29:01 PM] gtd4s810: and a think my way on tattooing has a similar "FTW" as these guys

[3/8/14 12:29:13 PM] gtd4s810: we connected

[3/8/14 12:30:02 PM] gtd4s810: So it ending up me actully did a kind of a social estetik project LOL, super interactive ,,, fuck

[3/8/14 12:30:31 PM] Chris Magnusson: haha, pitfalls, sweet pitfalls

[3/8/14 12:30:57 PM] gtd4s810: Yeah of course I tattooed the fuckin guide lines, myself infront of a mirror

[3/8/14 12:31:02 PM] gtd4s810: haha¨

[3/8/14 12:31:50 PM] gtd4s810: social aesthetics the forbidden word

[3/8/14 12:32:06 PM] Chris Magnusson: "a collaboration by Dr. V and Linnéa Sjöberg, 2013"

[3/8/14 12:32:43 PM] gtd4s810: Yeah "the boob job tattoo"

[3/8/14 12:33:41 PM] gtd4s810: now i googled images of boobs, didnt know if it was correct spelling, but it was...

[3/8/14 12:37:24 PM] Chris Magnusson: haha

my work with roles and identity is not as much as a practical thing as i think it is for you. except maybe when im supposed to be "professional" and standing in front of a crowd of people and talk about my work. i get really nervous and i (for some reason) come across as a general douche. i talked with a colleague about why, and we had a lot of different ideas to what might cause this phenomenon.

[3/8/14 12:39:09 PM] Chris Magnusson: one possible factor could be that the artist talks are in english and where the english language is picked up from. i mostly learned english from action movies and rap music which often have a lot of attitude in the way people express verbally within these frames.

[3/8/14 12:40:10 PM] gtd4s810: hahah I want to see your artist talk!

[3/8/14 12:40:18 PM] gtd4s810: do u have any coming up in sthlm :)

[3/8/14 12:41:08 PM] Chris Magnusson: but i don't know.

so when talking in front of my work in the student gallery i said something like "i have worked so much with my identity that i don't know who i am anymore". is that something you can relate to?

[3/8/14 12:41:28 PM] gtd4s810: but why do u become a douche?

[3/8/14 12:41:43 PM] Chris Magnusson: (i hope i will have a artist talk in sthlm some day...)

[3/8/14 12:43:31 PM] gtd4s810: I kind of want to get lost, its then my work/ideas/behavoir/vardag takes new forms, that i couldnt predict

[3/8/14 12:44:06 PM] gtd4s810: and its in that moment I start to make stuff that is interesting (for me)

[3/8/14 12:44:15 PM] Chris Magnusson: i mean, first of all, i get nervous and i feel as if the crowd want to hurt me. so i start to defend myself. i create a distance and i don't say much. this is somehow a way of power strategy. i start acting "cool" and some people see this as me being like the "male genius"

[3/8/14 12:45:08 PM] gtd4s810: hahha. I can totally understand you, I always become "the clown" infront of an audience

[3/8/14 12:45:18 PM] Chris Magnusson: story of my life

[3/8/14 12:46:06 PM] gtd4s810: the male genius! your video is the a good exemple of your role palying with your own identity as an artist?

[3/8/14 12:46:18 PM] gtd4s810: julia showed it to me

[3/8/14 12:51:39 PM] Chris Magnusson: well, in that film i wanted to work with the character i get into when i am supposed to talk about my "other" art work. i started to make one where i wanted to be the cool guy. i wanted it to look like something out of vice vbs TV or something. when i later looked at the material from the interview (which i first did in english) i had a totally different character. i became the "graffiti dude" that you described earlier. when i saw this material i got a chilling sensation going up my spine. i needed to make the interview in swedish. so i did. and then i became this sad, tortured outsider instead.

[3/8/14 12:52:23 PM] Chris Magnusson: the "fine artist"

[3/8/14 12:52:24 PM] gtd4s810: hahah thats true

[3/8/14 12:52:46 PM] gtd4s810: your are really funny!

[3/8/14 12:53:35 PM] gtd4s810: and with that kind of humor, I as a viewer understand your playing with this "sad" charater

[3/8/14 12:54:32 PM] Chris Magnusson: so when presenting myself IRL or live so to speak, i don't have the possibility of stopping time, rewind and start over so this video was interesting in that sense as well.

[3/8/14 12:54:33 PM] gtd4s810: hardcore, salong flyttkartong. my social skills has dropped with this project, I'm been i fuckin asshole sometimes. rock star behaviour

[3/8/14 12:54:46 PM] Chris Magnusson: hahah

[3/8/14 12:54:46 PM] gtd4s810: towards people

[3/8/14 12:55:02 PM] Chris Magnusson: that is a thing i want to talk to you about

[3/8/14 12:55:32 PM] gtd4s810: do u think i need to do an offical appoligse (hur fan stavas d)

[3/8/14 12:56:01 PM] Chris Magnusson: when you said that you were ending the salong flyttkartong thing, i started to wonder which linnéa i got to know through the tattooing thingy

[3/8/14 12:56:23 PM] gtd4s810: You met Ölberg

[3/8/14 12:56:24 PM] Chris Magnusson: and if our friendship was just an act

[3/8/14 12:56:25 PM] Chris Magnusson: hahaha

[3/8/14 12:56:29 PM] gtd4s810: NO

[3/8/14 12:56:53 PM] Chris Magnusson: do you get this question often?

[3/8/14 12:57:15 PM] gtd4s810: its never an act, thats my ground of my perfomaces , and why they need to develops during a longer period of time

[3/8/14 12:57:22 PM] gtd4s810: because the simple question

[3/8/14 12:57:59 PM] gtd4s810: when does something/someone become authentic

[3/8/14 12:59:02 PM] gtd4s810: and time" can be

[3/8/14 12:59:22 PM] gtd4s810: a (tool) of something becoming authentic....

[3/8/14 1:00:26 PM] gtd4s810: SO im not interesting in like ... OK now i ended my project .. so good bye , and a fooled you all.. thats not how i workd

[3/8/14 1:01:16 PM] gtd4s810: As an example. yesterday i got asked for the hundred times to tattoo at a svartklubb in sthlm. as salong flyttkartong....

[3/8/14 1:01:38 PM] gtd4s810: but how do i solve this, ... i have ended the project , concptuelly and mental

[3/8/14 1:01:58 PM] gtd4s810: but it is still a demand for salong flyttkartong

[3/8/14 1:02:55 PM] gtd4s810: So i cant say no, but instead of my tattooing people at this club. I will provide the service of peolpe tattooing themself

[3/8/14 1:03:17 PM] Chris Magnusson: haha, smart

[3/8/14 1:03:18 PM] gtd4s810: My wet dream is a fuckin "Fight Club senario"

[3/8/14 1:03:46 PM] Chris Magnusson: thats almost how the Black Ink Con felt last time

[3/8/14 1:04:04 PM] Chris Magnusson: not in the way you mean perhaps, but

[3/8/14 1:04:19 PM] gtd4s810: i was so not there during that weekend, phuuu

[3/8/14 1:05:48 PM] gtd4s810: I describe last night for Julia, that right now, when Im having my recovery period, when i want to be alone an reflect and bla bla bla (this happend after business woman also)

[3/8/14 1:06:25 PM] gtd4s810: I feel like im opeing i small window and looking out on the world around me, and also se myslef in the mirror for the first time for years....

[3/8/14 1:07:04 PM] Chris Magnusson: is it a relief?

[3/8/14 1:07:05 PM] gtd4s810: and then i will start on a new project

[3/8/14 1:07:13 PM] gtd4s810: yeah it is

[3/8/14 1:07:42 PM] gtd4s810: my perfomaces is not so nice to my body sometimes¨

[3/8/14 1:08:20 PM] Chris Magnusson: in my work, this whole role thing is something i have been thinking about quite a lot. and how other artists express themselves and act (just being, not acting) in a professional context. how do you view the "role playing" outside art?

[3/8/14 1:08:34 PM] gtd4s810: i get a bit exhausted both pshyical and mental of course, its not unic for an artist

[3/8/14 1:09:47 PM] gtd4s810: its a fact that we need different roles to get thorough a day with social connections, meeting people etc,

[3/8/14 1:10:32 PM] gtd4s810: you have to act and now the socials rules, that change for every person almost

[3/8/14 1:11:16 PM] gtd4s810: And i maybe took that acting and exaggerated it a bit. especilly business woman hahha

[3/8/14 1:12:20 PM] gtd4s810: a professor from Konstfack, dont remember his name, once told me during a studio visit that the busines woman, became "a bit too true"

[3/8/14 1:12:51 PM] Chris Magnusson: i what way did he mean?

[3/8/14 1:14:23 PM] gtd4s810: I think he was talking about, me becoming to perfect in that role, with the outer apparence etc. I had studied the role too much, but i think i can go further

[3/8/14 1:14:48 PM] gtd4s810: i really want to read more about metod-acting

[3/8/14 1:18:27 PM] Chris Magnusson: i find it interesting in that business woman work you talk about "gtd4s810", that the role isn't the one of an artist in that sense that salong flyttkartong is. the gender issue seems to play a bigger role in gtd4s810. (even if im kind of bored of the topic, but because it is the international womens day today and all...)

[3/8/14 1:19:10 PM] Chris Magnusson: do you think about gender in your work? can you, if you wanted to, avoid it?

[3/8/14 1:19:30 PM] gtd4s810: I think the gender issue has an inpact in salong f also.

[3/8/14 1:19:57 PM] gtd4s810: and what i have notice from seeing this two project now togheter on a "distance"

[3/8/14 1:20:30 PM] gtd4s810: is that what i really working with, "stalking" an identity that I never can get

[3/8/14 1:20:41 PM] gtd4s810: i will never become the business woman

[3/8/14 1:21:01 PM] gtd4s810: and never become the hardcore grafitti dude

[3/8/14 1:21:08 PM] Chris Magnusson: haha, i think you already are in an extent

[3/8/14 1:21:38 PM] Chris Magnusson: or a mix of both, a hustler woman

[3/8/14 1:21:46 PM] gtd4s810: hahha

[3/8/14 1:22:11 PM] Chris Magnusson: its the means of the art business i guess?

[3/8/14 1:22:20 PM] gtd4s810: what will happen next... im so curious

[3/8/14 1:22:43 PM] Chris Magnusson: self promotion, hustling to survive, you know.

[3/8/14 1:23:01 PM] gtd4s810: yeah i always like to be in the postion of underdog

[3/8/14 1:23:12 PM] gtd4s810: ameatur

[3/8/14 1:23:51 PM] Chris Magnusson: that is also something i talk about in the film mentioned earlier

[3/8/14 1:23:55 PM] gtd4s810: i get a kick of that, to try to be someone. it has to do with me acutully has a hard time to prove that im an artist, what the fuck

[3/8/14 1:24:17 PM] gtd4s810: yeah exactlly

[3/8/14 1:24:39 PM] gtd4s810: i really dont understand the artist ----role phuu

[3/8/14 1:26:33 PM] Chris Magnusson: your work is performance based and i would say mine is based upon drawings and sculptures, i try new mediums to become the amateur, and you try new personalities to achieve the same thing

[3/8/14 1:26:33 PM] gtd4s810: whateva obviously i studied to become that

[3/8/14 1:26:43 PM] Chris Magnusson: interesting thought

[3/8/14 1:26:56 PM] gtd4s810: I here you!, nice nice

[3/8/14 1:27:05 PM] gtd4s810: schizooo

[3/8/14 1:27:10 PM] Chris Magnusson: WE ARE BASICALLY THE SAME?!?!?!?!

[3/8/14 1:27:16 PM] gtd4s810: OMG

[3/8/14 1:27:25 PM] gtd4s810: SHIT

[3/8/14 1:27:26 PM] Chris Magnusson: WE ARE BROTHERS AND SISTERS

[3/8/14 1:27:41 PM] gtd4s810: yeah hell ya hahha

[3/8/14 1:27:43 PM] Chris Magnusson: FROM ANOTHER MISTER

[3/8/14 1:27:56 PM] Chris Magnusson: one liners

[3/8/14 1:27:59 PM] gtd4s810: hahah

[3/8/14 1:28:02 PM] gtd4s810: wine-liners

[3/8/14 1:28:07 PM] Chris Magnusson: (do you have time?)

[3/8/14 1:28:49 PM] gtd4s810: i kind of need to go, julia is helping me to talk nude picture of me, for the cover of my book , smart....

[3/8/14 1:29:21 PM] gtd4s810: and then i need to run to an opening, group exhibiotn im in some thing no idea what....

[3/8/14 1:29:40 PM] Chris Magnusson: i see, you should get going then. thanks a lot for taking your time!

[3/8/14 1:29:52 PM] gtd4s810: no problemos.

[3/8/14 1:29:56 PM] Chris Magnusson: see you on the book release!

[3/8/14 1:30:04 PM] gtd4s810: yeah :)

[3/8/14 1:30:14 PM] Chris Magnusson: talk soon, tell julia i said hi

[3/8/14 1:30:32 PM] gtd4s810: tell me if you have any question regardning the text

[3/8/14 1:30:35 PM] gtd4s810: YES

[3/8/14 1:30:39 PM] gtd4s810: tjoflöjt

[3/8/14 1:30:41 PM] Chris Magnusson: peace out